Top Neurologist Announces ‘Cognitive Failure’ In Donald Trump – Mental Ability Limited (DETAILS)


As the oldest elected president in history, Donald Trump’s failure to release any real medical records is more than questionable, it’s downright alarming. That fact becomes even more alarming considering the obvious evidence of his rapidly failing short-term memory, especially in recent weeks.

Neurologist and cognitive function specialist Dr. Brenda J. Iannucci believes that these lapses in memory may be the result of a failing frontal lobe leading to cognitive impairment that, even when mild, could have serious consequences for even the average person, much less a person currently serving in the highest office in the land.

While Trump has consistently obscured facts and wildly misstated details that are far too easily debunked to be considered much of anything beyond blatant lies, recent obvious lapses in his short-term memory are becoming an even greater concern. During Sunday’s Easter Egg Roll, for instance, a child asked Trump to sign his red “Make America Great Again” hat. Trump complied and just seconds later, seemed to forget that the hat belonged to the child and tossed it into the crowd as folks yelled over his error.

Even worse, Trump seemed to forget which country he had just ordered bombed during a Fox News interview and had to be reminded by his interviewer, Maria Bartiromo, as he went off on a tangent about “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake” during his answer about the Syrian bombing. In yet another incident on Easter Sunday, Trump seemed to forget how to behave during the National Anthem and had to be reminded by his wife to place his hand over his heart. Trump also forgot Paul Ryan’s name on Tuesday, repeatedly calling him “Ron.” Despite the fact that Trump works with Ryan on an almost daily basis, he could not keep the man’s name straight during a speech to Paul Ryan’s hometown crowd in Wisconsin.

These lapses in memory may be indicative of a much worse problem than Trump just being a ridiculous person with no experience whatsoever in public service at the level he’s suddenly achieved. According to Dr. Iannucci, the problem may lie in the president’s rapidly failing brain.

It’s not exactly the most comforting of thoughts, but it certainly does explain a lot.

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