Trump Brazenly Retweets Black Woman’s Message Like A Pandering Orange Buffoon


Both on the campaign trail, as well as now while in office, Donald Trump has given a plethora of reasons for people not to like him. Sadly, at a time when the shootings of unarmed brown people in America, the era of bigoted hate that Trump himself ushered in with this campaign full of race baiting, and Trump’s slowness in denouncing hate after being endorsed by the KKK, brown people across all shades of the hue, people have substantially more reasons that others folks, to dislike Donald Trump.

The aforementioned overview of ways in which Donald Trump has set matters of skin color relations back 100 years in American doesn’t even include his attacks on Muslims and members of the Latinx communities. His actions speak louder than any words he could ever speak.

To say that Donald Trump and those he has made a conscious decision to surround himself with, display the kind of ignorance that makes the line between white privilege and outright racism, seemingly non-existent, is an understatement. Trump’s daughter found it cute to liken herself to slaves and no one in their circle, not even their prized tokens Omarasa and Ben Carson, saw fit to warn against such a comparison.

Therefore, when someone whose skin is brown, someone who has had to deal with the disappointing reality that the American dream is often selective and packed with barriers sometimes too great to be moved, continues to pledge support for Donald Trump, people understandably have hard time accepting that. Such is definitely the case with attorney and author, Brunell Donald-Kyei.

Her facebook cover photo still proudly displays support for Trump-Pence, and on Saturday, she tweeted remarks that caused other Twitter users to rip her to shreds. She posted:

Ironically, she says she wasn’t thinking about skin color when she voted, but Saturday Night Live was definitely thinking about skin color when Alec Baldwin portrayed Donald Trump kissing a member of the KKK in the mouth. To that end, the responses to Donald-Kyei were quite unforgiving:

Whether to sell her book or blatant ignorance, Donald-Kyei’s tweet and ongoing support of Trump understandably feels short-sighted and misplaced. Some people like learning the hard way and when Trump’s policies negatively impact her, she, like his others followers will face the grim reality that the only person Donald Trump is for, is Donald Trump.

Featured Image via Getty/NBC/Contributor