JUST IN: Report Reveals Real Reason For Comey Firing; Hang On Tight


While the firing of James Comey, now former FBI Director, may come as a shock to many Americans, new information from various White House officials shows that maybe it isn’t so shocking after all.

Multiple current and former officials claim that the relationship between the FBI and the White House has seen better days, specifically within the last few months. The sources state that part of the reason for that is the pressure the administration officials were putting on Comey to take a more aggressive approach is pursing leak investigations. The leaks were in regards to disclosures that embarrassed members of the White House and ones that raised even more questions about the ties to Russia.

The administration issued a challenge to the FBI leadership in hopes that they could pursue and shut down the source of the leaks, which were considered to be damaging to the administration, according to officials. The FBI was, at this present time, investigating the fact that classified information has been disclosed. The issue at hand, which was the cause of the strain between the bureau and the White House, is that the FBI refused to prioritize leak investigations over the grandfather of all investigations, the investigation into Russia’s ties to the Trump administration and the 2016 election.

According to a current official the administration had always been “very aggressive” in its pressuring of the FBI. A former U.S official, who is familiar with the matter at hand said:
‘The administration has been putting pressure on the FBI to focus more on the leaks and weren’t satisfied with the results.’

The inspector general of the Justice Department had been investigating Comey, and how he and his top deputy handled the probe of Clinton, though that investigation is not going to be finished any time soon, as it is expected to continue on for at least a few more months.

Shortly before the announcement of Comey’s dismissal the FBI notified Congress via letter that Comey had misstated some important findings surrounding the Clinton email investigation during his testimony last week. Even with that information there was nothing to suggest that anything at that time would result in the loss of a job for Comey.

Many Democrats are sure that the reason for Comey’s firing, aside from the official story about the treatment of Hilary Clinton, is because Comey was getting close to finding something in his Trump-Russia investigation and Trump wanted it stopped. Given the fact that the White House was actively trying to sway Comey from his investigation into Russia to investigate minor White House leaks, they may not be totally off base.

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