Trump Lawyers Up After Lindsey Graham Calls For Investigation – W.H. On Watch


Donald Trump has repeatedly insisted that he has divested himself of his business ties and signed everything over to his two sons, Eric and Donald, Jr. He has also dismissed claims that his business dealings in Russia create a conflict of interest.

Now, Lindsey Graham has called for an investigation into Trump’s businesses and the potential ties to Russia, saying “I want to know more about Trump’s business dealings.” It was one of the more stunning moments during the testimony of James Clapper and Sally Yates on Monday into the warnings Trump’s administration was given on Michael Flynn, to which no response was forthcoming for 18 days.

On Tuesday, in response to Graham’s calls for investigation into Trump’s business ties, Trump made a suspicious move.

According to NBC’s Katy Tur:

In the wake of James Comey’s suspicious firing and calls for this investigation into Trump, the web just gets more and more tangled.

Featured image via Getty/Brenden Smialowski