Trump Tweets Mindless Tuesday Afternoon Rant – He’s Going To Crack (TWEET)


President Trump took to Twitter this Tuesday afternoon with a message for the world about the supposed success of his plan to “Make America Great Again.”

He tweeted — on both his personal and official accounts — a link to an article from The Washington Examiner with the headline “Manufacturing openings, hires rise to highest levels of the recovery.”

That article reads:

‘Manufacturing job openings rose to 394,000 in March, the Department of Labor reported Tuesday, matching the highest level since April of 2006. And actual hiring in the manufacturing sector jumped to 322,000, a level not seen since the early months of the recession, when manufacturing hiring fell of a cliff. Monthly hires were up nearly a quarter since last March.’

There are at least two major issues here.

Issue number one is that neither Trump nor the article itself produce any piece of conclusive evidence that the bump in manufacturing jobs was the result of Trump’s policies.

It’s a really simple logical argument that completely destroys the prominence of Trump’s mess of a “policy plan,” really. The jump from the abyss of no hirings that marked the worst months of the recent recession to where the economy is now didn’t happen all at once — and Trump’s been here for what, a few months? The foundation for the documented bump in manufacturing hiring was laid one hundred percent by the administration of Barack Obama.

The second issue, which is worth considering, was raised in the comments section of Trump’s tweet by William Legate.

Legate wrote:

‘How is this a good thing? This will only devastate factory workers more when they’re replaced by robots & they have nowhere to go! You need to focus on retraining these workers for 21st century jobs, not temporarily putting them back in 19th/20th century jobs.’

Featured Image via Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images.