9th U.S. State Announces Full Marijuana Legalization For Adults 21+ (DETAILS)


The days since Donald Trump won the Electoral College have been extremely heavy for many people. The faith that some were working hard to have in government and the political process, had been lost and likely never restored for some.

However, during this time of deep mistrust in and resentment of government, the state of Vermont may be making some moves that prove some state lawmakers get it. On Wednesday, Vermont legislators passed a bill that will legalize recreational marijuana.

The Vermont House of Representatives voted 79-66 to do away with penalties for possession of an ounce or less of weed. The bill would also allow for people 21 and over to have up to two mature marijuana plants and up to four, immature plants.

The bill draws the line at having, using in personal spaces and growing weed as outlined above, though; smoking in public and selling privately will still be against the law.

If signed by Gov. Phil Scott (R), the new law takes effect in July of 2018 and would make Vermont the first state to legalize recreational use of weed via the state legislature. The bill isn’t all fun and games, it also makes provisions for the creation of a commission that will study and present legislation designed to tax recreational marijuana.

There is no definitive word as to where Scott stands on the bill. He states:

‘I’ll take a look at the bill, but I’ve been pretty clear I’d like to see some improvements to ensure a structure in place to protect public safety in Vermont.’

The Vermont House of Representatives passed on the version of the bill that would’ve made Vermont’s legalization of weed more like Colorado’s. However, social media users were excited about the prospect of Vermont becoming one more state in which people can smoke freely. They expressed their views on Twitter:

Featured Image via Getty/Drew Angerer/Staff