Al Franken Stands On Senate Floor & Goes For Trump’s Throat Over The Comey Firing


Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota is brilliant. When he stood on the Senate floor Wednesday, he wasted no time taking on the Donald Trump administration’s reasons for firing FBI Director James Comey. Franken took on Trump, as only he could.

He started out in his very droll style:

‘We know that the Russians interfered in the 2016 presidential elections…We know that the Russians carried out this attack with the goal of benefitting the campaign of Donald Trump, whom the Kremlin preferred to see win the election. These facts have been confirmed by our intelligence agencies.’

After making absolutely clear that these points were facts not subject to interpretation, Franken explained that the Russians did this to undermine our democracy. Then, the senator built upon those statements to make his case and to discuss what the public may not know, yet, why the Russians wanted Trump in office:

‘What we don’t yet fully understand is all the reasons why the Russians favored Donald Trump and whether members of his campaign assisted in the Russian operation to sway the election in his favor.’

At this time, Donald Trump is under investigation by the FBI for his comments asking the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails during a televised press briefing. Franken questions the timing of the president canning Comey:

‘The timing of Mr. Comey’s dismissal raises questions, and Mr. Trump’s decision to abruptly fire the man leading an investigation that could implicate the Trump administration should shock the conscience of every American who believes that no man or woman is above the law.’

The sharp-witted former SNL regular placed doubt upon Trump’s farewell letter to Comey. The brief correspondence was hand-delivered by the president’s longtime bodyguard, but the FBI director was not in office. Minutes earlier, Comey had heard about his removal on a television set in a room where he was speaking to his Los Angeles agents.

In the letter, Trump said that he appreciated the three times Comey told the president he was not under investigation. Of course, that was not true, and Franken made his sharpest point:

‘Mr. President, these documents really create more questions than they answer.’

Check out the videos below (part 1/part 2) of Franken as he took down the Trump administration for firing Comey:

Featured Image: Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.