‘Fox News’ Turns Against Trump Over James Comey & All Hell Is Breaking Loose


Judge and judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox News, where he brought forth the argument that if President Trump fired James Comey only because he was doing a poor job, that would have been the right thing to do, but that if Trump fired him for the reasons that many believe that he did, that makes the situation wildly different.

Prior to the firing of Comey, Napolitano actually stated that he believed that Comey should resign. When asked for further explanation he said that it had been heard by many people that Comey had separated himself from the rest of the FBI agents because of the manner in which he handled his decisions regarding Hillary Clinton. Napolitano believes that Comey should have silently handed over information found, rather than making it public and trying to appease both sides.

Many Americans believe that the reason Trump fired Comey without any warning at all was that Comey was getting close to striking gold in the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia. Trump tried to say that he fired Comey because he was incompetent in his investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, but since that was months ago, and Trump has since that time given Comey public praise, many just aren’t buying into that story.

Napolitano said:

‘If he fired him because he wanted to slow down or impede the FBI investigation of any potential contact between Russian intelligence and the Trump campaign, he did the wrong thing and that will complicate matters.’

When Napolitano was asked by Fox News host Shep Smith to explain himself a little more he said:

‘It could very well be obstruction of justice if the president did that. This is what impaled Richard Nixon when he fired not the FBI director, but the attorney general at the time.’

Napolitano is referring to the infamous Watergate scandal of the 1970s, in which Nixon was involved. The scandal has been regularly used as a way to compare the fallout from Comey’s termination to a past historical event.

Watch Smith and Napolitano’s exchange below:


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