Melissa McCarthy Releases Sean Spicer SNL Promo That Has Set The Internet Ablaze


What better way could there be to close out the most baffling and enraging week in political news than with the return of the inimitable Melissa McCarthy as everyone’s least favorite Trump mouthpiece, Sean Spicer, on Saturday Night Live?

In a new teaser for the upcoming Saturday, May 13th show, McCarthy is back as the balding, loud-mouthed White House press secretary. As the West Side Story song “I Feel Pretty” plays, McCarthy twirls and sings as her own beautiful self, but makeup and hair and a little bit of McCarthy’s own magic transforms her into the very not-so-pretty version of Spicer.

In a presidential term that has left the majority of Americans disillusioned and angry, the few high spots have been Saturday Night Live‘s take on American politics with McCarthy as Sean Spicer, Alec Baldwin as Trump, and Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions. The show has dedicated their cold opens to these hilarious parodies of what may be the most frighteningly inept presidential administration in history.

McCarthy’s first appearance as Spicer left viewers delighted and amazed at her full embodiment of a man so completely different from her own persona that she almost seemed to become the press secretary in the span of a side-splittingly¬†funny cold open.

See the SNL teaser below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube