Trump Fired Comey Due To ‘Insubordination;’ The Reason Will Make You Want To Puke


According to White House officials the anger behind President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey has been stewing for months, but eventually reached a boiling point when Comey refused to preview his planned testimony for top Trump aides.

Apparently a heads up was wanted about what exactly Comey planned to say at his hearing on May 3rd in regards to his handling of an investigation into former Democratic candidate for the presidency, Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server. No big surprise that Trump was one of those who wanted desperately to view the statement prior to the hearing.

After Comey’s refusal, Trump and his aides considered not disclosing this information as an act of insubordination. This was one key factor in Trump’s decision to let Comey go, according to officials. One official said:

‘It gave the impression that he was no longer capable of carrying out his duties.’

Giving previews of congressional testimony to higher-ups is generally considered to be a considerate and courteous move.

Comey testified for four hours before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He had stated that it made him feel “mildly nauseous” that his personal choice to make it public knowledge that he was reopening a probe into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information may have, in some way, affected the way the 2016 presidential election turned out. He also claimed that he had no regrets and wouldn’t hesitate to make the same call again.

Democrats, and many other Americans, have had their sinking suspicions that by firing Comey the president was trying to undermine the FBI’s investigation into Russia, and the alleged efforts on their part to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. Even some of President Trump’s very own Republicans consider his sudden dismissal of James Comey to be slightly concerning. The Trump administration sticks steadfastly to their story that Comey was let go because of the way he handled the Clinton email probe in 2016.

Even before Comey was let go, Trump had expressed publicly that he was frustrated with the FBI and their congressional probes into the Russia matter. Moscow heavily denies meddling in the election, and of course Mr. President and his cronies also deny any allegations of collusion with Russia.

Donald Trump has been shrouded in drama and scandal since he took office — even before if we are being realistic. Trump is just an all around shady character. The firing of James Comey has done nothing to put anyone’s mind at ease in regards to Trump’s suspicious ties to Russia. If in fact Comey was coming close to uncovering something when he was let go, and that was the reason for his dismissal, that could be an impeachable offence for our president. All that can be hoped for is that someone is brought in — not by Trump — to continue the investigation into Russian ties. We can also cross our fingers that this is the final nail in Donald’s coffin, and he finds himself being impeached sooner rather than later.

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