Trump Gets Weird & Angrily Posts Video Of Democrats During Late Night Twitter Blast


Donald Trump is so sensitive about criticism that he had to tweet a video montage of Democratic legislators speaking about the FBI Director James Comey. The president reportedly has been screaming at the television, he was so angry about the former FBI director’s comments before Congressional hearings.

Trump apparently could not bear an independent man who thought of himself as one of the guys in the white hat and spoke truth to power. The president requested a pledge of allegiance from Comey, and the former director said no. Trump wanted to be prepped about what Comey would say before the hearings. Again, Comey said no.

It appears that Trump ruled with an iron hand, and now that he is president he wants to continue. A real president has respect for those who serve the government, instead of firing Comey in a very demeaning, public manner. A real president respects the  institutions of government, instead of trying to tear them down.

It seems, Trump was shocked that the Democrats did not like how he let Comey go. It never occurred to him that Democrats respect their government and the people who serve it.

Trump tweeted Wednesday night:

‘The Democrats should be ashamed. This is a disgrace!#DrainTheSwamp

Featured Image: Getty Images/Mark Wilson.