Melissa McCarthy Spotted Driving W.H. Podium In NYC Traffic Dressed As Spicer


The person who is supposed to lead the United States has undermined a federal investigation into his interactions with a foreign government, by terminating the employment of the person leading the inquiry. In the days since, Donald Trump has resorted to flip-flopping in the stories he tells about why he fired former FBI Director James Comey, but Trump’s most disgusting move is perhaps his social media threat directed at Comey:

Jeff Sessions, one of the main people Americans should be able to trust to ensure that Trump’s drunkenness with power is treated with swift justice, recused himself from the investigation that Comey was conducting, only to turn around and recommend that Comey be fired. To say the least, these are indeed sad, disappointing, and embarrassing times Americans are being forced to endure.

What do people do when the very systems they’re supposed to be able to trust, turn on them in such vile ways? Well, some would suggest that besides uniting to stand against the injustices being displayed by the Trump administration, Americans must laugh. Whether to keep from crying or prevent inappropriate and hasty reactions out of anger, laughter may be just the medicine needed at a time such as this. At least Melissa McCarthy thinks so.

In full Sean Spicer mode, McCarthy literally took to the streets of New York City to share her gift of making a fool out of Sean Spicer with the people of Manhattan. Street crowded with people, the comedian drove a motorized version of Sean Spicer’s podium through traffic.

CNN’s Don Lemon tweeted a video of McCarthy’s joy ride and it is abosolutely hilarious:

Twitter went nuts as videos of McCarthy hit the internet, some of those reactions are below for your enjoyment:

Featured Image is a screengrab via Twitter.