Alec Baldwin Returned To SNL & Brilliantly Trashed Trump Over ‘The Comey Firing’


Saturday Night Live was not kind to the Trump administration in their latest May 13 episode. It’s really not their fault, however. President Donald Trump and Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave them plenty to work with.

Alec Baldwin returned to reprise his role as Trump in a skit mocking the recent interview Trump did with NBC’s Lester Holt. They started the skit off with Alec Baldwin’s Trump admitting he fired Comey for “investigating Russia.” When SNL’s Holt asked if he had “got him,” he was told nobody cared.

Baldwin’s Trump said nothing could stop him, and he had the Republican Party eating out of his hand. When he rang a bell, Speaker Paul Ryan delivered Trump two scoops of ice cream and happily said Trump fed him dog food.

They also managed to make fun of Trump’s recent gaffe with claiming he invented the term, “Prime the pump.”

SNL’s Holt then asked if Baldwin’s Trump was trolling us especially considering that the optics of firing Comey then visiting with the Russian ambassador looked so bad. The audience applauded Baldwin’s Trump response.

Trump then promised several plot twists that included in an upcoming episode of his presidency, they would reveal Kellyanne Conway has actually been dead the entire time.

You can watch the full skit below.

Featured image screengrab from video.