Anonymous W.H. Staffers Leak Trump’s Belligerently Destructive Behavior To CNN


In his recent public appearances, Donald Trump has tried to put on a tough face and appear upbeat and confident, but reports from within the White House indicate that many of his staff are growing frustrated with the way things are proceeding.

CNN reports that many of Trump’s staff were surprised by his sudden decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, which has thrown Washington into a state of chaos. Some have complained that the White House’s handling of Comey’s departure is just as frustrating as the firing itself. The White House has struggled to stay on message. Reports indicate that even Vice President Mike Pence was frustrated with the way the press was given conflicting reports.

In addition to the changing narrative behind Comey’s firing, the political community was surprised by Trump’s apparent threatening of Comey, which was just another sign of the president’s unconventional behavior.

Aside from communication via Twitter, Trump spent the week following Comey’s firing in relative isolation. Aides report that Trump grew agitated without the cheering crowds which would often boost the president’s spirits.

Trump’s lack of experience regarding politics was on full display in the way he handled Comey’s firing — with some characterizing his style as “risk v. reward.” However, longtime White House aides have cautioned that Trump’s style carries far more risk than it does rewards.

One of the things about this which frustrates staffers the most is that the fallout surrounding Comey’s firing is yet another distraction from the work of governing. It seems that the Trump White House can barely go a week without some new scandal sending aides and surrogates scrambling to explain the president’s behavior.

Trump’s self-imposed exile came to a close this Saturday as he delivered at speech at Liberty University. From there he will be embarking upon a series of trips meeting with foreign dignitaries. Some within his staff are hopeful that the time away from D.C. will do the president and his administration some good.

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