‘Sealed Indictment’ Issued Against Donald Trump; Impeachment Inquiry Begins: report


According to Claude Taylor and Louise Mensch a sealed indictment has been delivered against none other than President Donald Trump. Generally the sources that Taylor and Mensch use have a long standing track record of proving to be correct, so it seems we can trust them on this matter.

Many times indictments have been brought against associates of Trump, but this time it is allegedly for the big man himself. Taylor and Mensch are taking a united front on guaranteeing this information is legitimate, as stated on Mensch’s website, as of Saturday.

Unfortunately the acting president of the United States is not able to be arrested by law enforcement or tried by the Judicial Branch. Apparently the purpose of this indictment is to spur some movement in Congress to impeach Donald Trump.

The impeachment of President Trump seems unlikely however, given the fact that Trump’s very own Republican party has a majority in both the House and Senate. What can be hoped for though, is that evidence against Trump will come forward that is so damning that it cannot be ignored, even by the Republicans.

Another possibility is that information surfaces regarding to the scandal with Russia that sends his approval rating plummeting, even lower than it is now. This may cause the Congressional Republicans in moderate states and districts to consider carrying on with the impeachment process, in order to cover their own butts. Only approximately ten percent of the Republicans would have to join forces with House Democrats to obtain the majority vote required to get started on impeachment hearings.

According to Palmer Report, the information was sent to a retired attorney who found it legally valid. That means that combined with the information from the attorney, as well as the fact that Taylor and Mensch both have solid sources that tend to prove correct, it would seem that we are one step closer in the mission to get Donald Trump out of the Oval Office.

Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist, vouched for both Mensch and Taylor based on their good track records of inside sourcing by tweeting:

It seems that the sudden firing of James Comey has really set a fire under those in the political world to kick Trump down a peg or twenty, and have him be impeached as soon as possible.

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