Trump Posts Bizarre Poem-Tweet During Saturday Afternoon Mental Collapse



President Trump posted a tweet on Saturday afternoon that is just plain bizarre. It’s like an attempt at a “self-help” message, but coming from him, whatever legitimacy was there quickly goes up in smoke.

Trump wrote, “Relish the opp to be an outsider. Embrace that label- b/c it’s the outsiders who change the world, and who make a real & lasting difference!”

Are you kidding?

Now Trump wants to pretend to have some sort of concerns for making a “real and lasting difference” in the world?

He has literally spent the entirety of his still young presidency wreaking havoc through shooting into the dark at everything that seems to be moving. He’s slashed regulations in an array of industries, but these regulations aren’t there for fun. Rather, they’re there in order to keep the society and the environment from running into the ground.

Trump isn’t an outsider; he’s an idiot. Change is one thing, destruction is another. Change can be, obviously, either positive or negative. Trump’s kind of change falls by very definition effectively entirely in the latter category.

Making this tweet even worse is the fact that, again, Donald Trump has spent basically the entirety of his rise to power showing that he does not pay mind to the long term results of his actions.

If he really cared about making some kind of lasting change, he would take the human impact of his policy proposals into consideration. After all, while Trump might be making some kind of positive change in his own little world, there are other people in the real world, and he’s continually screwing them over through everything from his Muslim bans to Trumpcare.

This quote comes from his virulent commencement speech that he gave at Liberty University on Saturday.

Featured Image via OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP/Getty Images