Melissa McCarthy Goes On SNL & Brings Down The House As Sean Spicer


After a busy week, Press Secretary Sean “Big Boy” Spicer is probably not going to enjoy tonight’s live airing of Saturday Night Live.

Melissa McCarthy hosted the newest episode and revived her already legendary portrayal of Spicer. Her first portrayal sent hilarious shockwaves throughout America after she screamed and became an instant classic at her on-point portrayal of the embattled man. The SNL make up artists did such a good job she was unrecognizable at first. Her second portrayal guaranteed her portrayal would go down in SNL history as one of the greats.

In her portrayals, she’s nailed the frustration Spicy experiences as reporters grill him with important questions. Furthermore, she managed to nail the way Spicy tries his best to turn it back around on to the media. Additionally, she managed to perfectly exemplify Spicer’s anger that you can see he wants to unleash upon the press but can’t.

However, Spicer has made it fairly easy for McCarthy and the SNL writers, especially after this week. After hiding in the bushes from reporters, demanding they turned off the cameras before he’d answer question, and then mysteriously disappearing for two days, it’s just too easy.

The skit included Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the press that drives Spicy nuts, Spicy’s dollies, gum, and a hot make-out session with Trump at the end.

SNL has experienced a comedy revival thanks to the Trump administration, which rarely fails to deliver comedy gold.

Spicer did criticize McCarthy’s skits saying they had “crossed over to mean” but then changed his story saying it was cute and funny. We’re going to assume he never laughed.

McCarthy promoted the May 13th episode of the show by driving around her White House podium through the streets of New York City.

Featured image by Win McNamee/Getty Images.