Trump’s Mother’s Day Activities Revealed – Prepare To Be Disgusted (PHOTOS)


President Trump, in just four months in office, has become labeled as one of the laziest and most ineffective leaders this country has ever seen. Every weekend, Trump has galavanted off to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. That is, until the weather became too warm for the delicate heir.

On this day, a beloved holiday in America, what would one think the president of the United States would be up to? A married man with multiple children by multiple women would likely be spending this day celebrating his mother, wife, and daughters, but Donald Trump is serving himself on this Sunday.

Trump was spotted in a red cap at his Virginia golf resort by a NY Times photographer. That image was tweeted below:

Despite the president wearing golf shoes, reports say that Trump plans to work while at the resort, possibly taking a break to “hit a few balls.”

Trump has “hit a few balls” 15 consecutive weekends out of his 16 week presidency.

The man is a walking punchline. I mean, has a POTUS ever taken so much vacation time in first four months of his first term? How about in both terms combined?

The answer is no.