BREAKING: James Comey’s Planned Testimony Leaked To ABC News (DETAILS)


Sources close to James Comey have leaked to ABC News what they know of his upcoming planned testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Comey was previously scheduled to testify, but declined the opportunity to speak to the committee in a closed forum. The recently fired FBI director stipulated that he would testify only in an open setting.

Comey plans to refute three of the president’s most controversial claims surrounding James Comey and why he was fired.

The first is Trump’s claim that Comey requested the dinner in January. Trump told NBC’s Lester Holt in an interview that Comey “asked for the dinner” because he wished to discuss staying on as FBI director after Trump’s election. Comey plans to tell the committee that this is not true.

Second, Comey will testify that he never told President Trump that he was not under FBI investigation, another claim that Trump made during his interview with Lester Holt as well as in the letter he sent to Comey announcing that he was being fired.

‘Sources with knowledge of the situation emphasized that they do not believe Comey would have spoken about the Russia probe with Trump under any circumstances. It was something he discussed only with key Justice Department officials, the sources said. In the letter from Trump notifying Comey of his dismissal, the president said he was notified by the director on three occasions that he was not personally under investigation.’

Third and finally, Comey will testify that Trump’s claims about low morale at the FBI under Comey’s leadership, as well as claims that Comey had “lost faith” with his fellow FBI members, is also untrue. Many of Comey’s associates have spoken glowingly about his character and integrity and could be called upon to vouch for Comey’s claim.

Whether or not any of the actual details surrounding the investigation into Trump’s campaign team and their alleged collusion with Russia will be asked or answered is not yet known. What is known is that President Trump blatantly lied at least three times, to Comey’s knowledge, about circumstances surrounding the firing of the man responsible for an investigation into Trump.

Featured image via Getty/The Washington Post