Trump Jr. Trash Talks Elizabeth Warren; Twitter Delivers Savage Beat Down (IMAGES)


If anyone will follow in the political steps (missteps) of President Donald Trump, it will most likely be his son Donald Trump Jr. It’s a scary thought, but many have lauded him as a man with a future in politics.

It would make sense then that the man who would follow in his father’s footsteps would have the same habits as his father. One example: Donald Trump Jr.’s love for Twitter and tweeting hypocritical crap.

In response to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) comments that the United States needs a Department of Justice and not an obstruction of justice department, Trump Jr. tweeted:

‘Certainly interesting given she stumped for Hillary and likely loved Holder and crew. Come on now! Total lack of self awareness!!!’

Warren’s comments were directed at Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions following the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. Sessions, who had initially recused himself from the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, had a hand in Trump’s decision to fire Comey.

Trump Jr. has his dad’s tweeting skills for sure. He even included multiple exclamation points in his tweet. Just like his dad, however, Trump Jr. faced intense backlash on Twitter in response to his tweet.

‘You’re supposed to be staying out of politics and running the business separately. Please do that.’

‘Wanna talk about “total lack of self awareness” now, do you? #TrumpRussia’

‘clueless like daddy, Donnie. can’t wait for subpoenas & warrants for trump family. THAT will be interesting.’

‘Daddy still holds the purse strings on ur life. He the only reason u have anything. Speak out against him and it’s gone. #TrustFundBaby’

‘#FunnyAsHell a tRUMP talking about self awareness.’

‘Apple doesn’t fall far from the stupid tree in the Trump family does it?’

‘Y’all are sooooooooo going to jail.’

Featured Image by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images.