JFK’s Nephew Releases Anti-Trump/Russia Video That Goes Viral In 8 Seconds Flat


The grand-nephew of President John F. Kennedy is certainly living up to every expectation, and his latest Facebook video is more proof of that.

While the country reels from the firing of FBI Director James Comey in the middle of his investigation into the possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and transition teams with Russian government operatives, Kennedy III offered a bit of hope and advice in a video quickly going viral on Facebook.

The congressman led into the video with the following words:

‘Russia interfered in our election not only to erode faith in this democracy — but to undermine the institutions that protect its integrity. With every reckless act of self-preservation, President Trump is allowing that distrust to fester and grow. Only an independent investigation can restore accountability to the American people. If the Trump Administration has nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear.’

Speaking directly to his constituents and all of the American people, Kennedy encouraged citizens to stand up, speak out, and demand the truth in the form of a special prosecutor into the Trump/Russia collusion story.

‘Our intelligence agencies have unanimously decided after their analysis that Russian government, Russian intelligence agencies, deliberately interfered with our democratic process to erode faith in our democracy and to erode faith in our institutions. As a result of this interference the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, was forced to recuse himself from an investigation into Trump administration contacts with Russia…Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was forced out of his position because of his inability to lead that investigation. We’ve seen resignations and dismissals of high-ranking officials in Trump’s campaign associates, from Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and of course, Michael Flynn…

‘Only an independent commission, with the full support and subpoena power is going to get us where we need to go. I urge this administration and Republicans in Congress to stand up and speak out, and look at this as it is, as a national security issue, as a threat to our democracy, our nation, and our values.

‘It is only through standing up, using our voices, and being united that we’re going to be able to repel this threat.’

See the full video below:

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg