MSNBC’s Joy Reid Links VP Mike Pence To Trump White House Scandals (VIDEO)


MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid asserted that should President Donald Trump be impeached for his lies, illegal activities, and shady cover-ups. On the network’s The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell, Reid made a strong argument against the man who tries to look as if he wears the administration’s white hat.

She commented on Trump asking Vice President Mike Pence and then-FBI Director James Comey’s boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to leave the two men alone for a private word. This was highly unusual, and everyone but Trump knew how bad of an idea it was:

‘There is a consciousness of guilt here. It’s not that he doesn’t understand. Not only does he ask Jeff Sessions, the head of the Department of Justice to leave, he asks him twice.’

Although she had no high praise for Session, Reid said that he must have recognized that there was “something entirely improper about leaving them alone”:

‘Even Jeff Sessions understood that. Trump insists that he leave the room, twice, two requests and he also ushers Mike Pence out of the room. And by the way, I think that Sessions and Pence are not out of the woods either. Russiagate is going to ensnare everyone who touches it.

Then, Reid delved into Pence’s accountability and the possibility he should leave with Donald Trump when the scandals hit the fan:

‘Mike Pence has a very implausible story as well, which is that he knew absolutely nothing about anything ever, including when Sally Yates comes in and informs the transition team, of which he’s the head! He’s the head of the transition team! The idea that he was completely and wholly ignorant makes him also unfit to succeed Donald Trump even if Congress did have a mind to impeach him.’

In November, the Donald Trump transition team warned Flynn about communicating with Russia. Given that Pence headed up that team, he is going to find it difficult to keep his hands clean.

Check out the video of Reid coming down on Pence below:

Featured Image via Twitter.