Trump Runs To Twitter After Humiliating Himself At Commencement Speech (TWEET)


On Wednesday, President Trump gave the commencement address at the United States Coast Guard Academy, but, unsurprisingly, the address wasn’t a very honorable one.

He went from asserting that he’s been treated more unfairly than any recent American politician to indicating, erroneously, that he’d saved the Coast Guard money through his “negotiations” to bring down the costs associated with the F-35 bomber program.

Trump has shown time and time again through his policy decisions as president that he doesn’t prioritize concerns of people’s lives over those of getting done what he wants to get done. He respects war and military might, not the human beings who are responsible for that might.

Nonetheless, Trump, of course, thinks that everything went great. Late on Wednesday afternoon, Trump tweeted a video of his commencement address, captioning it: “It was my great honor to deliver the #CGACommencement17 at the @USCGAcademy. CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2017!”

Ironically, Trump’s apparent disrespect of the military isn’t confined to his policy decisions as president. He evaded military service in the Vietnam War era on account of highly dubious “bone spurs” in both of his feet.

Twitter users were quick to comment and remind Trump and all who would listen that he’s not in any position to pretend as though he’s in a position that is independently deserving of respect from members of the American Armed Forces.

Featured Image via SAUL LOEB/ AFP/Getty Images