BREAKING: Trump Close To Appointing A New Head Of The FBI – This is Unbelievable


According to POLITICO, President Trump’s new FBI director has been chosen but many are wondering, why him? Trump has apparently chosen Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman to fill James Comey’s shoes, a move that many are calling strange given the president’s past picks.

Trump doesn’t even attempt to play fair in his cabinet choices, so why would he suddenly appoint a well-known Democrat to head the FBI?

It could just be that Trump is trying to clean up the massive smear campaign he created for himself. But how could he not see that this is a mistake of epic proportions if he wants to get someone in the position who will essentially ignore him.

According to POLITICO:

“A person familiar with Wednesday’s meeting said Trump bonded with Lieberman, and the president left leaning towards the former Connecticut senator, who retired in 2013. Trump has not signaled otherwise that anyone else is the favorite, aides said, and has told one adviser he wants to make an announcement before he leaves Friday on his first foreign trip.”

Senator Joe Lieberman, he ran on the 2000 Democratic ticket alongside Al Gore, who lost miserably to George W. Bush. Since then, Lieberman has been a staple in the United States Senate.