JUST IN: Trump Planned Attack Against Obama To Distract From Russia Scandal


Amidst the shocking news that President Donald Trump shared highly classified Israeli intelligence with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, senior officials at the White House gathered to quickly figure out how to go about dealing with the major scandal at hand.

A source claims that one solution that has been tossed around was to launch an attack against President Obama for the way that he had handled classified information. The plan was either to launch an investigation or begin leaking stories to the Conservative media. Of course the White House feigns ignorance and claims that this plot never existed.

This information was also shared by a second source, whos details exactly aligned with the first source’s. Apparently the focus of the attack would have been the Department of Homeland Security and their Automated Indicator Sharing Program, a mechanism for private companies to exchange details of possible cyberattackers amongst themselves.

The plot was laughed at by a Homeland Securtiy official, he said “That doesn’t make sense… It seems ludicrous”

The reason that everyone is having a laugh over the allegations of Trump’s plan stem from the nature of the program they intend to attack. The program is made to share information with various foreign nations, including adversaries of the United States in order to prevent cyber-attacks that could affect everyone global. The official said:

‘There’s certain information out there that’s beneficial for everyone to have. Like, ‘Hey, this Windows program has a bug.’ When we share cybersecurity information with the Russians, we’re protecting their systems, making sure that no one hijacks their planes and missiles.’

A policy counsel and government affairs expert by the name of Robyn Greene was just as confused by this alleged plan as everyone else. He said:

‘I don’t understand how they can draw the line between Trump sharing code-name information with the Russians and this. The two are totally unrelated.’

Although this plot seems to have blow up right in Trump’s orange face, serious concerns arose from it.

Are the staff of the White House so incompetent that they would plot an attack against a former president without realizing that it is a bad idea, or are they just blindly following Trump with unwavering support without any concerns that it was just flat out wrong.

Another important concerns is if Trump and his crew are really that spiteful and revenge hungry that they would risk deriding an effective security measure in order to divert attention from a seriously major scandal.

The most worrisome part is that neither of these are new concerns. Trump has done nothing but try to throw Obama under the bus, with claims of wiretapping and lies surrounding Obamacare. In addition to that the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the hiring of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn raised some serious eyebrows and sent many peoples head spinning

Donald Trump is no stranger to plotting vicious tactics against those he feels are his opposition or will destroy the shred of good reputation he has among Republicans. The fact that this is the normal behavior for the President of the United states is the most worrisome part of all.

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