Lindsey Graham Just Said Trump Is Now Under Criminal Investigation (VIDEO)


The situation for President Donald Trump is becoming more and more dire as time presses on.  This in turn could be a good thing for Democrats and Republicans alike.

On Wednesday Senators met Robert Mueller, who was appointed special counsel on the Russian interference investigation.  Senator Lindsey Graham spoke to reporters on Wednesday and said “it seems to me now to be considered a criminal investigation”.

This comes after a report of that President Trump tried to stop former FBI Director James Comey’s investigation into former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn’s alleged contacts with Russia.  James Comey was then fired by President Trump just weeks later.

Robert Mueller, whom has an impeccable reputation, is sure to get to the bottom of the Trump-Russia scandal. It is just a matter of time before information is discovered to put the final nail in Donald Trump’s presidential coffin.

You can see Senator Graham’s remarks below:


Feature Image via Getty Images