Trump Erupts Into Full Crazy & Declares A ‘Witch-Hunt’, Like An Unhinged Lunatic


The early morning tweet Donald Trump fired out into the population was that of a man backing into a political corner. The president’s grandfather was given to serious exaggeration, and the president clearly inherited that. Yet, there is something about this tweet that sounds as if Trump believes it as truth:

‘This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!’

Former director of the FBI for 12 years, Robert Mueller, is a straight arrow. Yesterday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein asked him to serve as the special counsel to investigate Russia’s interference in US elections. Proof of Muellers’ honor came when he immediately resigned from a lucrative law firm position to prevent even a wisp of conflict of interest.

If Trump had any involvement in Russiagate, he has every right to be afraid of Mueller. This is no witch hunt. It is a hunt for justice.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Mario Tama.