Abedin Files For Divorce Same Day Weiner Pleads Guilty To Sexting Teenage Girl


Anthony Weiner is NOT having a good day, nor should he. The gross pervert pleaded guilty to sexting with a teenage girl. He also got a major surprise from his wife, former Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

Abedin filed for divorce in the Manhattan Supreme Court the same day as Weiner’s admission of guilt. She asked for the case to be sealed. Abedin had filed for separation back in 2016; however, it was revealed in March to the New York Post that the couple was trying to work on their marriage.

However, with Weiner admitting in court he had sexted with a 15 year old girl, it’s easy to see why Abedin filed for divorce. This was not Weiner’s first scandal. In 2011, he resigned from Congress after a sexually explicit image of his “manhood” made it onto social media. Furthermore, in 2013, it was revealed that he had been sexting Sydney Leathers. His online handle was Carlos Danger. This scandal came as he was campaigning for NYC mayor.

Then there was also that photo of his boxers showing off his manhood under the slinky white fabric that he sent to a woman in 2015. In that picture, you can see his toddler son next to him.

Why Abedin continued to stick by Weiner is unknown. However, she doesn’t have to worry about fighting Weiner in court over custody of their son or their assets. Part of Weiner’s plea bargain was registering as a sex offender. As he was sexting a minor, Abedin could easily gain full custody and control his visitation with his son. Michael Stutman, a divorce lawyer, told the New York Post what advice he would give Abedin if she was his client:

‘She certainly has a leg up now on any custody battle…

‘If Huma were my client, based upon what I have read, my advice to her would be she needs to be careful and able to demonstrate that she has acted reasonably to protect her child. You don’t leave him alone with the kid when you’re out of town. You have a nanny. You have Grandmom and Grandpa come over.’

During court, Weiner admitted, while sobbing, he was a sick man.

‘I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse.’

Tell us something we don’t know, Weiner.

The New York Times reported prosecutors will ask for 21 to 27 months in prison. Also, he will be required to register as a sex offender and give up his iPhone. Also, the NYT noted he was wearing his wedding band in court. He also sought out therapy for sex addiction at The Recovery Ranch in Tennessee and will continue that therapy. Part of his therapy includes riding horses.

We can only applaud Abedin for finally taking the step towards divorcing the sleazy pile of dog vomit, Weiner. It doesn’t matter how long it took her to divorce him, so long as she starts on a path to enjoying and living life, finding someone who respects her, and raising her son. Hopefully, the congealed sludge of a legacy Weiner has built for himself will not follow his child throughout his life.

Featured image by Mario Tama/Getty Images.