JUST IN: Fox News Fires Yet Another Host After He Let His Racist Flag Fly (DETAILS)


Fox News continues to crumble, with the network having just let go one of the co-hosts of the show that was moved up in the schedule to compensate for the departure earlier this year of Bill O’Reilly, following the revelation of sexual harassment allegations against him.

Bill Beckel, who apparently started on The Five just a few months ago, has been fired following a “racially insensitive” remark that he made to an employee of Fox News, according to a report from Variety.

In what might represent a change at the network, the complaint about the remark was received earlier this week — Tuesday, to be precise — and Fox has moved quickly to address the concerns of the affected employee, having announced Beckel’s firing this Friday morning.

In the past, Fox has been accused of not appropriately addressing complaints like the one brought against Beckel, so for the turnaround on this one to have been so swift represents that perhaps the network is feeling the heat of public pressure for Fox to adhere to basic standards of workplace decency.

Still, that’s not the end of the story here. The attorney for the individual who brought the complaint against Beckel says that Fox News executives tried to get his client to drop the complaint, which he refused to do.

According to the report in Variety, the incident prompting all of this took place when an unnamed African American Fox Information Technology employee went to Beckel’s office to service his computer. At that time, Beckel stormed out of his office apparently on account of the IT employee’s race, making sure, apparently, to tell the IT employee that Beckel was exhibiting the behavior that he was on account of the employee’s race.

The attorney for this employee, Douglas Wigdor, who is representing a number of other present and former employees of the Fox News who have brought similar racial discrimination charges against the network, offered the following statement:

‘As with our other 22 clients, we intend on holding 21st Century Fox accountable for these actions and will be filing multiple other complaints in other matters next week.’

Ironically, this incident apparently isn’t the first time that Beckel has left Fox under less than amicable terms. Back in 2015, just a couple of years ago, Beckel was let go after Bill Shine, then head of programming, alleged that he was using his recent back injury to manipulate the rest of those involved with the production of The Five. (Beckel was on The Five from its beginning until 2015.)

Shine doesn’t actually work at Fox anymore either, having been let go recently due to allegations that he was complicit in the decades-long campaign of sexual harassment by former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes against a number of employees of the network.

Ailes died recently after falling and hitting his head, having then bled internally for some time.

Ironically enough, Beckel actually served at one point as a staffer on the presidential campaign of Democratic candidate Walter Mondale. Another individual with Democratic leanings, Juan Williams, will apparently be given more airtime than before on The Five‘ now that Beckel is gone.

Featured Image via Roy Rochlin/ Getty Images