Congressman Tweets Proof Of Trump Impeachment Investigation – America Erupts Online


A House Judiciary Committee member dropped a super mighty nuclear bomb on Trump today over Twitter, and we’re totally loving it. With all of the reports of Trump’s corrupt ruling of the United States government, it also served as a relief to Democrats across the nation that some of our representatives are fighting for us.

Representative Ted Lieu (D-Calif.), who is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, tweeted an image that will bring hope to the hearts of many and fiery rage to Trump’s soul. The image is a packet of documents related to the impeachment and removal process.

‘I am on the House Judiciary Committee. This is what I am going to read this evening.’

Though it’s not classic literature, this could be considered some of the finest reading material. You can read the material here.

With everything that’s been revealed so recently, it’s only sensible that the House Judiciary Committee is exploring the impeachment and removal process. He fired former FBI Director James Comey and then revealed to Russian officials in a closed meeting that it took pressure off of the Russian investigation. During that meeting, he allowed no American press; however, he allowed Russian press to attend. Furthermore, it was revealed in a memo by the former FBI director that Trump had suggestively mentioned he hoped they would close any probes into the embattled Michael Flynn, who resigned shortly after being appointed as Trump’s national security advisor for lying about his ties to Russia.

Twitter users responded to the tweet. It was retweeted over 14,000 times and liked by over 42,000 users. One user tweeted her desire to move to California since she’d have such a great representative.

‘I’m a southern girl, born & raised. But, I swear, you make me want to move to California! You’re a rock star! I’m thankful for your wisdom!’

Louise Mensch tweeted:

‘You are the best tweeter in Congress #gotgame’

‘Godspeed Ted. would not want to be in congress right now. I wouldn’t be able to hold decorum surrounded by some of the BS going on there rn.’

‘We already know the Emoluments Clause is a slam dunk. Just make sure it’s impeachment AND removal!’

‘You give us hope. #GeeksResist #hope’

’45, an actual impeachable deplorable lying criminal. Obama was just … black and you all found out that wasn’t a crime after all.’

‘Do what you can to keep the fires lit under our more risk-averse fellow Dems. The nation will reward them.’

‘I was 14 yrs old when Nixon was under impeachment. This is worse than that and more than I could ever imagine. God speed’

Featured image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images.