JUST IN: Trump Receives Congressional Notification Of Impending Impeachment: report


Despite his highly Islamophobic rhetoric, Donald Trump is currently parading around Saudi Arabia as if he has been welcoming, inclusive, caring and kind to Muslims. However, what he isn’t speaking on is the fact that he has officially been put on notice that steps are being taken to begin his impeachment.

A report by Bill Palmer tells the story of just what Trump knows and the steps that have been taken thus far:

Citing stories from Claude Taylor and conservative political pundit Louise Mensch, Palmer states that House Judiciary Committee is considering the Articles of Impeachment, therefore the Supreme Court has informed Trump that he is now unable to excuse any of his alleged partners in crime from prosecution. Interestingly, Ted Lieu (D-CA) posted a pretty cryptic tweet that has the rumor mill buzzing even harder and faster:

In the spirit of “just sayin’,” Lieu is on the Judiciary Committee, so if impeachment is in the works, Lieu would literally be one of the first to know. Lieu didn’t stop with the tweet above, either, he also posted:

While no official reports have been released from the legislative branch, the connecting of the dots does create a picture that looks like steps are being taking to begin, even if through talks, the removal of Donald Trump from office. As an added bit of confirmation that Donald Trump has been put on notice and despite his attempts to showboat in Saudi Arabia knows that his end could very well be near, CNN states that White House attorneys have been researching impeachment.

Social media was abuzz at the news that it seems that steps are finally being taken to hold Trump accountable:

Featured Image via Getty/Madel Ngan/Contributor