Trump’s Saudi Arabia Trip Turns Into Disaster After Donald Gives Vulgar Hand Gesture


If there’s a God, why has he allowed the despicable spectacle that is Donald Trump to befall the world? Could a religious person ask him, please?

President Trump kicked off his first foreign tour this weekend, and it’s already going poorly, and yet at the same time conventionally Trump-ian. Yet again, Trump is using the opportunity granted him by press coverage of some momentous occasion to prove just how shallow that he really is.

Seeking something, Trump signed one of the largest arms deals in American history in the first part of his trip overseas, even though the deal was held up under the Obama Administration on account of concerns that the Saudis would use the weapons against civilians in Yemen.

Indicating what perhaps is the Trump Administration’s reasoning behind giving the green light to this deal, Donald Trump Jr. posted a message on Twitter on Saturday that painted the deal as a boost for American defense companies.

Saudi Arabia is widely viewed as complicit in the 9/11 terror attacks, and Trump has long been in a huff about the supposed need to clamp down on Muslim countries in the name of “national security.” None of that, from the potential for these weapons to be used against civilians to the country’s connections to 9/11, stopped Trump from signing this deal.

The mind bending absurdity of this deal isn’t where the issues with Trump’s first overseas trip end, however. Our president literally has no idea what he’s doing, with reports having now long circulated that NATO, with which Trump will meet at the conclusion of his trip, has been preparing for the president by shortening points and presentations to fit Trump’s notoriously short and egotistical attention span.

Astute internet observers have noticed something else that’s similarly ineptitude-revealing about the President’s trip.

Trump has long used the thumbs up gesture as his go-to greeting to the press and the general public. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Trump used this same gesture upon his arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Well guess what?

In Saudi Arabia, as is revealed by literally a simple internet search, the “thumbs up” gesture is comparable to putting your middle fingers up in the United States.

Yes, our president is seriously that inept.

Featured Image via MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images