Son Of Roger Ailes Makes Horrific Threat To Dad’s Victims At His Funeral (DETAILS)


It’s never advisable to wish ill on others, for the demise you speak for them, could end up being your own. However, there are times when people’s actions are so egregious, that the human part of you just wants that person/those people to feel the pain they’ve inflicted on others. Or, in some cases, you probably want those people to simply cease to exist so they are unable to hurt anyone else.

Sadly, the latter is probably true for some people’s feelings about now deceased former Fox CEO, Roger Ailes. Known for running a network that has a reputation for race baiting, sensationalizing topics about skin color/socio-economic status, and generally failing to be the voice of reason where alt-right viewpoints are concerned, Ailes’ legacy is one that will be forever smeared because of the aforementioned reasons. However, the biggest smear on Ailes’ name will likely come from the multiple allegations of sexual harassment by women who have been in his presence in some way.

Sadly, it’s in the vein of the harassment claims that Ailes’ actions while on Earth, will haunt his family even through his death. The spirit of that haunting was seen and heard via Ailes’ teen son’s words at his funeral. According to witnesses, the younger Ailes’ hurt behind the loss of his father caused him to lash out in a way that, if any harm should ever come to the women who accused his father, the son would have major consequences:

Understanding that one of the stages of grief is anger, the natural inclination would be to excuse such a strong threat. However, words matter and even in one’s sadness, threats to harm others have to be taken seriously. Moreover, it’s the idea that one can do/say what he wants that got Roger Ailes himself in the situation that some say literally killed him.

Without crossing the line of making inappropriate comments about a young person, people did hold Ailes’ son accountable by responding to the words he said while eulogizing his father:

For the sake of the people to whom Ailes’ son’s threats are directed, the hope has to be that the younger Ailes gets professional help managing his grief and parlaying his sadness into positive things.

Featured Image is a screengrab via Twitter.