“No Peace In The Middle East” Whoopi Crushes Trump Over Melania Slapping His Hand


Underscoring yet again just how much of a reality tv inspired political and social reality that we now live in, footage has emerged from President Trump’s first foreign trip that shows Melania slapping his hand away as he reaches for her and it’s got everyone — the co-hosts of The View included — scratching their heads.

The incident in question took place upon the Trumps’ arrival in Israel, which is the second stop of Trump’s inaugural presidential foreign trip. Although the Trumps were greeted with a warm welcome by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, there was apparently not so much warmness between Donald and Melania.

Whoopi Goldberg introduced The View’s segment on this footage by saying: “The first couple stepped off a plane in Israel hours ago, and there may be no peace in the Middle East between the two of them. In a rare move, he went to hold her hand, which she, apparently, slapped away.”

After mockingly having the tape of Melania’s hand slap play on a loop, Goldberg quipped that “maybe she thought he was reaching over to pinch her on the butt.” Ironically, such seems like something that the President would, in fact, do, seeing as he’s long been well known for his tendency to find it absolutely nothing to treat women like they couldn’t say no to a pinch on the backside.

Joy Behar commented that it seems like Melania “can’t stand” Trump, and indeed, there is some publicly available data to support her suggestion as well. For instance, there is the infamous footage from the inauguration where Melania’s smile instantly turns to a frown the moment that Donald looks away.

Other co-hosts of The View commented of Melania’s hand flick that “we’ve all done it” and it means that “you’re upset.”

As Behar concluded by accurately noting, Donald has often been much less than perfect in his treatment of Melania. For example, he’ll often just walk on far ahead of her with no regard to where his wife is when attending official events.

Check out the video of this The View segment below:

Featured Image via screenshot from the video.