JUST IN: Slumlord Jared Kushner Sicks Legal Team On Poor Tenants (DETAILS)


Ivanka Trump’s husband and Donald Trump’s top advisor, Jared Kushner, preys on the poor. At the young age of 24, the Harvard graduate took over his father’s real estate empire, after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie threw Kushner’s dad in prison for tax evasion, witness tampering, and illegal campaign donations. Now it seems, Kushner is fast becoming Trump.

Back in 2004, Kamilia Warren moved into one of Kushner’s townhouses. The complex accepted Section 8 assistance for low-income residents.

Unfortunately, her next door neighbor became mentally ill, banging on the walls and shouting. Warren sent a letter to the property manager, but she got no response. She decided to move out and submitted the Section 8 form with the necessary two months’ notice. The on-site manager signed off on the form.

Three years later, the owner sued her for $3,014.08, saying she left before her lease was up. Since she did not keep a copy of the form, she lost. Her debt with legal fees came to around $5,000. As a mother and home health aide working on her bachelor’s degree, she told the New York Times Magazine she just did not have the money:

‘I was so desperate.’

The company JK2 [Jared Kushner] Westminister and its network of businesses filed hundreds of these lawsuits in Maryland alone.

The Kushner Companies continued to snap up investments until it owned almost 20,000 units. Most of the people living in them work in low-paying jobs and pay between $800 to $1,300 rent each month, some with Section 8 assistance.

Trump’s son-in-law told Multifamily Executive, the New York Times Magazine reported:

‘It’s proven over the last few years to be the most resilient asset class, and at the end of the day, it’s a very stable asset class. It was a lot of construction and a lot of evictions. But the communities now look great, and the outcome has been phenomenal.’

Warren went to court but did not realize she needed to attach the copy of the permission to leave form, which she finally received from the housing department. The judge denied her wish to be heard. JK2 Westminister garnished her wages and all the money in her bank account. She had just borrowed that money from her mother to get groceries for her children.

She went back to court with the form and a note to the judge which read:

‘I am a single mom of three and my bank account was wiped clean by the plaintiff. I cannot take care of my kids when they snatch all of my money out of my account. I do not feel I owe this money. Please have mercy on my family and I.’

Kushner’s attorneys reportedly told her:

‘This is not going to go away. You will pay us.’

The judge denied Warren’s case. The company put a lien on her, so she could not take out a loan. Warren had no bank account for fear of garnishment.

‘It was just pure greed. It was unnecessary. They [the attorneys] know how to work this stuff. They know what to do, and here I am, I don’t know anything about the law. I would have to hire a lawyer or something, and I really can’t afford that. I really don’t
know my rights. I don’t know all the court lingo. I knew that up against them, I would lose.’

One woman’s mother signed the lease for her daughter, who was sued for “failure to return laundry room card.” Then, the woman became sick. Her daughter filed a written court notice that her mother was dying of pancreatic cancer and unable to work. The judge found for Kushner’s company, meaning she owed $5,500. Nine out ten cases brought by Kushner’s companies found against the tenant.

A number of the units have large holes in the walls, rodents, black mold, stains, and cracks that let in rain and snow. One resident said her refrigerator had not worked in a month.

It looks like the president’s right-hand man has very dirty hands.

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