BREAKING: Trump Impeachment Articles Being Drafted Now – W.H. In Shambles


After an interview aired on C-Span this morning, President Trump is likely pacing whatever room he’s hiding out in, fighting the urge to tweet out a ridiculously childish response to Congressman Al Green.

On Wednesday, Green sat for an interview in which he said he was currently drafting the articles of impeachment against President Trump, and is moving the process forward in a hurry.

Green said:

“At some point, we’ll wait to see what others will do, and if no one else does, the president has committed an impeachable act, and I will take it upon myself to do that.”

Green has been under fire from racist Trump supporters ever since he called for The Donald’s impeachment last week on the House floor. Since then, he has received disgusting threats, including lynching threats.

A lynching threat. In 2017.

Check out the interview below via C-Span: