Sean Hannity Next On Fox’s Chopping Block As Advertisers Respond To Scandal


Fox News host Sean Hannity has long courted conflict and controversy. The latest example of this is Hannity’s decision to promulgate a conspiracy theory surrounding the murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Now, as the fallout from Hannity’s decision to promulgate these conspiracies continues, the first of what could eventually be many advertisers has pulled out of his show.

It’s worth noting that an exodus of advertisers predicated Bill O’Reilly’s recent departure from Fox. O’Reilly’s case, however, was somewhat more serious, with him facing sexual harassment allegations. Hannity currently falls more on the side of just being a belligerent fool, although he has faced sexual harassment allegations as well.

Hannity’s claim is that Rich, who was murdered in July 2016, is the individual who is responsible for emails from the Democratic Party making their way to Wikileaks. As an obvious implication of this claim, Hannity suggests that Russia didn’t hack the Democratic Party’s emails after all.

There are two fronts to disprove Hannity’s claims. For one, the global intelligence community has long expressed that there’s basically little doubt that Russia is the one behind the hacks on the Democratic Party. The only doubt in the Russia scandal remains over what role the Trump campaign had in the Russians’ efforts to influence the election.

In addition, although an ex-cop and the notorious hacker Kim Dotcom have both claimed to have evidence that Rich was in contact with Wikileaks, neither individual has produced anything of substance. In fact, Dotcom got so desperate that he allegedly attempted to hack the deceased Rich’s email.

Considering all of this, Seth Rich’s family has issued a series of emotional public pleas for Hannity to stop politicizing Rich’s murder. Hannity has mostly refused, even though not only is he peddling unsubstantiated nonsense, he’s going against the wishes of the deceased’s family. The only bit that he’s conceded is that he agreed to no longer discuss Rich on air this past Tuesday.

There has been all the while a continuous stream of pressure on companies advertising on Hannity’s show to pull out, and that pressure finally has something to show for it. announced their decision to pull their ads from Hannity’s show on Wednesday, explaining in their statement — which you can read below — that although their ads being aired during a show doesn’t mean they agree or disagree with the show’s content, they have decided to pull their advertising from Hannity’s program.

Featured Image via NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images