JUST IN: Sean Hannity Takes Sudden ‘Vacation’ – Let The Scandal Meltdown Begin


Fox News never met a conspiracy theory its viewers didn’t love, but this time, they’ve pushed a conspiracy theory way too far. Despite the pleas by the family of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich’s family to cease the exploitation of their loved one’s death for rating and political gain, host Sean Hannity has continued to push the story.

That disrespectful and exploitative nature may have finally caught up with Sean Hannity, one of the only big stars left at Fox News now that Bill O’Reilly was fired. Advertisers pulled out in droves from O’Reilly’s show when it was revealed that the network has been paying off his sexual harassment victims for years. Note that Fox didn’t fire O’Reilly for sexual harassment, or the misogyny and racism he endlessly displayed on his show. They fired him because he could no longer make the network money.

Now Hannity is on the exact same path, and it was announced on Thursday that Hannity will be taking a break from his show, although he insists that it has nothing to do with his much-criticized coverage of a debunked conspiracy.

Numerous advertisers, including Cars.com, Pelotin, Casper, USAA, and Crowne Plaza Hotels, have announced that they will be pulling their advertisements due to Hannity’s shameless and dishonest coverage of Rich’s murder.

Hannity has insisted to his viewers that the murder of Seth Rich may have been ordered by the DNC, which he theorizes is possible because a private investigator stated that Rich was the source of the DNC email leak during the 2016 elections. This story, according to Hannity and his Trump-loving viewers, clears both the Russian government and Donald Trump’s campaign from charges that Russia worked to influence the election in Trump’s favor and may have colluded with Trump’s campaign to do so.

The private investigator has since recanted his statement.

Rather than back down out of respect for the family or simply out of respect for honest journalism, which Hannity previously promised to do, he’s now pushing the story even harder.


What passes for “news” at Fox has long been questioned, but these latest attacks on Democrats in the name of a grieving family who has insisted that Fox stop, is an all-new low.

To see Hannity’s rant on ending the coverage of his conspiracy theory over Seth Rich’s murder, see video below. His statement begins at 13:09.


Featured image screengrab via YouTube