Trump Launched Another Disastrous Yemen Raid – The Aftermath Is Devastating


Oh President Trump, can you do anything right? It would seem that the president’s latest military operation in Yemen was as big of a flop as the first one.

Deep in the deserts of Yemen, On May 23rd, the US Navy Seal Team launched a raid at night upon the village of al-Jubah, Marib Governate. It is suspected that the target was members of the al-Qaeda in the Arabian Penisula. According to CENTCOM’s official report, seven AQAP militants were killed during that mission. The also reported that the mission was the retrieve laptops and other information from this site.

Since Trump doesn’t know how to do many things right it isn’t any surprise that this was a disaster right from the beginning.

Local sources reported that Nasser Al-Adha, a man who is partially blind and 70 years old, came outside his home to welcome the visitors, assuming that they were guests there to see him. He was promptly shot and killed on the spot.

Upon coming to see what the commotion was, four more civilians were killed after getting into an argument with the SEAL team. The SEAL team also seriously injured another six villagers on top of those that they killed.

The al-Qaeda group that Trump had intended to target was somewhere in the vicinity and were alerted that something was going on by the gunshots. A short firefight started, leaving several soldiers from America injured, and killing two AQAP militants. According to on ground reports by the Reprieve:

‘Al-Qaida fighters gathering nearby, who are thought to have been the original target of the raid, were alerted by the gunshots in the village and firefight ensued in which at least two of them were killed. The Navy Seals then left with the help of air support from a helicopter.’

It would appear that all of these deaths and injuries were in vein as no seemingly no information was even retrieved.

This isn’t the first disastrous raid that President Trump launched into Yemen. In the first raid on al-Ghayil village in al-Bayda province at least thirty civilians, some of which included a pregnant mother and children, were shot dead by U.S special forces during a battle with al-Qaeda militants who were already aware the the U.S special forces were coming.

It has been staggering how many civilians have been dying, and at an alarming rate. In fact, the US military just admitted that they had killed 101 civilians in a single air strike in Iraq last month. That is just a fraction of the number of civilians who have died over the last few weeks.

Considering how Trump treats the very people he was elected to help, it is no surprise that he doesn’t care for Yemenis either.

Featured Image via Getty Images