BREAKING: WSJ Bombshell Reveals GOP/Russian Collusion Finally Confirmed


Finally, we have a confirmed case of GOP collusion with Russia. The Trump/Russia story has become a played out headline in both domestic and international media outlets, leaving many with a sour taste in their mouths just hearing the word Russia.

The Wall Street Journal published a story late last night showing the clear connection between Russian hacker Guccifer and a ‘GOP operative’ in Florida. So far, still no confirmation on the Russian interference in the presidential election, but a House seat in Florida was definitely compromised.

According to the source:

“Aaron Nevins, sent a message to Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0 requesting data on voter turnout and election strategy related to Florida elections hacked from the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Committee. That request was honored and Nevins received 2.5 gigabytes of information from the Russian hacker that included details on not only congressional races in Florida but also in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Texas. Nevins then posted some of that data as well as his analysis of it on his pseudonymous blog.”

This is completely inappropriate behavior, and Nevins should, not only lose his job, but be prosecuted for his involvement in the matter. The report continues:

“Russian hackers then forwarded Nevins’ blog post to Roger Stone, an adviser to the Trump campaign. Stone denies that he forwarded that information to anyone else. I don’t have the explicit denial from Stone, but the Journal’s report says that Stone “didn’t share any hacked material from it with anyone.” That does not rule out the possibility Stone passed on the link to the blog to other people.”

“It was already known that Russian hackers had posted hacked Democratic documents that targeted contested congressional races in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Illinois, New Mexico and North Carolina. And we also know that Ryan and McConnell refused Democratic requests to not use this illegally obtained material in the election. We also know that certain Republican campaigns used the hacked data to help them in the election.”