JUST IN: Former Kushner Employee Turns On Him & Leaks Life Altering Secret Info


There are few Americans left defending the appointment of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner to an important position in the White House, much less is anyone confident in his ability to find solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems: restore peace in the Middle East, create criminal justice reform, solve the growing opioid crisis, and serve as a liaison to Mexico, China, and the Muslim world.

Only under Donald Trump would a 36-year-old real estate heir and fake news publication owner be considered qualified to do any of the jobs Kushner is tasked with handling. A former employee of Kushner’s from the New York Observer doesn’t find it surprising at all, actually, considering all of the similarities between Trump and Kushner and their business philosophies.

According to POLITICO:

‘At the end of the year, when she went to collect her performance bonus at his real estate office for meeting agreed upon metrics on page views and audience growth, Kushner told her that they couldn’t pay, citing financial concerns, and asked her to “take one for the team.” Instead, Kahlon abruptly quit. Every time she sees him on TV or on the streets of New York ever since, she would point him out to people: “There is the guy that stole my money.”’

Like Trump, Kushner apparently finds it perfectly acceptable to hire an employee, promise them pay, then abruptly take back the promise once the job has been completed. It’s a long-standing business practice of Trump’s, as well, and the impetus behind many of the overwhelming number of lawsuits that have been brought against him.

The employee, Harleen Kahlon, didn’t suddenly begin telling this story once Kushner was in the White House, either. She reportedly called out Kushner on Facebook during the whole ordeal.

‘We’re talking about a guy who isn’t particularly bright or hard-working, doesn’t actually know anything, has bought his way into everything ever (with money he got from his criminal father), who is deeply insecure and obsessed with fame (you don’t buy the NYO, marry Ivanka Trump, or constantly talk about the phone calls you get from celebrities if it’s in your nature to ‘shun the spotlight’), and who is basically a shithead.’

It doesn’t make America feel any safer, much less does anyone feel America has become “great again,” with either Kushner or his wife’s father at the helm. Perhaps Kushner, the latest focus of the investigation into Trump’s campaign and their alleged collusion with Russian operatives to influence the 2016 elections, will join his father in prison along with his father-in-law and the rest of the deplorables sitting in the White House today.

At that point, America may truly become great again.

For more on Kushner, see video below:

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