Trump Gets Off Plane In Italy, Gets On Twitter, & Explodes Like An Insecure Maniac


It isn’t as if it’s difficult for Trump to mislead his voters considering he spends most of his time doing just that on Twitter. After all, they’re fully convinced that President Obama “wiretapped” Trump Towers, that Trump had the biggest inauguration crowd in history, and that the current administration was responsible for an upswing in job numbers in less than 100 days with no real jobs legislation even signed yet.

They aren’t difficult to manipulate, obviously.

Trump’s latest misleading Twitter rant tells his gullible voters that he is having great success in his first overseas trip as president. Despite numerous reports that Trump has been little more than an embarrassment who has angered world leaders on his overseas trip, he’s trying to convince them that this trip will somehow benefit the United States and help his voters solve all their economic woes.

If shoving a foreign dignitary out of his way in front of the entire world, scolding world leaders about NATO policies he clearly doesn’t understand at all, and referring to an ally as “evil, very evil” has somehow boosted the U.S. economy, then he’s been a huge success in Europe.

He hasn’t, though. Trump has been an embarrassment and proven nothing more than that he understands very little about foreign policy. His supporters, however, are still buying it.

There’s no convincing them that their president is a fool who spins a story in whatever absurd way he thinks his supporters will believe in order to cover his ignorance and incompetence, no matter how hard the sane part of the population tries.

Meanwhile, Trump has many things to answer for when he returns to the United States. Trump is still under investigation for his campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia to influence the 2016 elections in his favor, his son-in-law is now the subject of a probe into that collusion, Trump’s tax plan is under fire for its obvious catering to the wealthy while leaving his middle and lower-economically classed supporters behind, and his healthcare plan has been proven to potentially strip millions of those who voted for him without help.

Don’t tell them that, though. They still believe the lie and insist that everything else is “fake news.”

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg