Federal Court: Russian Interference Can Disqualify Trump & Install Clinton Immediately


What if the Russians did indeed throw America’s presidential campaign to Donald Trump with the assistance of the Trump campaign? If 45 lost his office, who would be president then?

If Trump had to leave office, Vice President Pence might be as deeply involved in Russiagate as the rest of the team might be, so he theoretically would be out, too. Would the presidency go to the anti-heathcare, anti-poor Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan? Maybe not.

A 1994 federal court ruling in Pennsylvania may have set a precedent that could put Hillary Rodham Clinton in as leader of the free world, according to Huffington Post. She won the popular vote with almost 66 million votes. That gave Secretary Clinton nearly 3 million votes more than Trump.

There is not a direct constitutional answer to this particular issue. Yet, organizations like Hamilton’s Electors claimed that the Electoral College’s very purpose was to prevent “demagogues like Donald Trump” from taking the president’s seat. If so, the Electoral College failed.

Thus far, there has been no proof that any Republican, including Trump, was involved in the alleged Russian hacking. Russian involvement into the U.S. presidential election is under investigation by the House, the Senate, and the FBI at this time.

One federal court decision may answer the question of whether the outcome of an election can be changed if there was criminal activity. In Marks v. Stinson the outcome was to reverse a federal judge’s election. However, the Supreme Court refused to take up the appellate court’s decision.

The Third Circuit upheld a federal judge’s decision to strike down a 1993 state senate election involving fraud. The federal district judge ordered that the winner leave office and installed his opponent. In that case, several officials knew of the wrongdoing but did nothing.

In the 2016 presidential election, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell knew about the CIA’s conclusion that Russians interfered in the presidential election, but he did nothing, Huffington Post reported.

It is possible that Donald Trump could lose his office, if the alleged Russian hacking and other interference were proven. For example, the Russians were responsible for a fake memo to the FBI. That memo caused former FBI Director James Comey decide to announce his investigation into Clinton right before the election. Given the similarity of the two situations, wrongdoing might actually be righted.

Check out this video of Hillary Clinton comparing Donald Trump to Richard Nixon:

Featured Image: Getty Images/Darren McCollester.

H/T: Huffington Post.