Paul Ryan Tweets Fake News In Weekend Message & Regrets It Immediately


Despite recent revisions that helped it pass in the House, the American Health Care Act has not been well received by the people who will be affected by it: the citizens of the United States. With the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate that over 20 million people will lose their health care if the AHCA passes, it’s no wonder people haven’t responded well to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s defense of the bill.

On Saturday, Ryan shared on Twitter a video clip from a speech he delivered praising the AHCA and disparaging the Affordable Care Act. He included the following caption, a quote from the speech, along with the tweet.

‘We need to bring down the cost of coverage and revitalize the market so that people have real choices and access to affordable care.’

In the address shown in the video, Ryan shared a report that supposedly illustrates the “collapse” of ObamaCare. He also told his audience about the “rescue mission” that he and other congressional Republicans are on to try and make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Try as he might to appear invested in the well-being of all Americans, it seems like the only people Ryan and his fellow conservatives want to “rescue” are the wealthy.

While many people in the U.S. are still struggling to find affordable health care, as stated above, the Congressional Budget Office has said that the AHCA will only make things worse. Presumably, 23 million people would not be at risk of losing their health insurance if the AHCA really was intent on giving people “real choices and access to affordable care.”

While Ryan may have chosen to blatantly ignore the CBO’s estimates when he delivered his speech and shared it on Twitter, his followers were not so easily duped. Several of them posted comments on the tweet letting him know how they feel about his attacks on ObamaCare and his defense of the AHCA.

A few of the best comments, many of which aptly call Ryan out for being a liar, can be seen below.

Clearly, the American people are not very happy with the health care plan that Ryan and much of the GOP are pushing. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that they will ever give up on it.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images.