Trump Announces Dumb Nickname For Justin Trudeau; Internet Immediately Responds In Force


President Trump proved throughout his campaign that he loves a less-than unique nickname, from “Crooked Hillary” to “Lyin’ Ted.” He has also carried that practice over into the White House, although his creativity has definitely been lacking as of late.

On Saturday, Trump resurrected his old and unoriginal nickname for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

While he was speaking to U.S. military personnel at the U.S. Naval Air Station in Sigonella, Italy, Trump got distracted by a helicopter that was flying overhead and wondered aloud who was inside of it. Instead of keeping his musings to himself, he told the crowd:

‘I’m trying to figure out who’s in that helicopter that’s coming in. It may be Prime Minister [Shinzo] Abe. It may be Justin from Canada. Great people. We made a lot of good friends this week.’

The last time Trump referred to Trudeau as “Justin from Canada” was during an interview with Bloomberg earlier this month. Trump used the nickname while speaking about conversations he’d had with Trudeau and Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto.

Almost immediately after Trump decided to reuse his nickname for Trudeau, people began to mock him for it on Twitter. Some of the best reactions can be seen below.

Some commenters questioned whether or not Trump had forgotten Trudeau’s last name when he made his remark.

Along with these comments, a few people took things a step further by bringing up rumors about Trump suffering from cognitive impairments.

Plenty of others wondered if, when he used the nickname, Trump was referring to Trudeau at all. As they’ve pointed out, pop singer Justin Bieber is another famous “Justin from Canada.”

Some commenters joked about the pretty obvious crush Ivanka Trump has on Trudeau.

Meanwhile, others actually gave the president credit for making them laugh for once.

After his first, not-so-successful foreign trip as president of the United States, Trump should be taking any compliment he can get. After all, if people are laughing about his short attention span, they’re at least taking a break from talking about the allegations that have been brought against his son-in-law.

Featured image via Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Christopher Gordon/U.S. Navy via Getty Images.