14-Year Fox News Employee Defects & Delivers Network Ending Scandal; It’s Rigged!


The termination of Bill O’Reilly and death of Roger Ailes has set off a domino effect of people coming out to share their experiences with the Fox News network, as well as the two males above. Fox’s ratings continue to struggle and their ongoing failure to cover Donald Trump in a truly fair and unbalanced fashion, is reflective of their history of sensationalizing news in ways that is pleasing to their alt-right base, but not in line with best practices.

Now, someone with inside knowledge as to how things work at Fox, has come forward to share his perspective and in essence, blow the whistle on some foul play. Network contributor Tobin Smith is levying some serious allegations; he says Fox’s commentary is rigged and scripted such that the alt-right, super conservation perspective, always wins.

In a piece entitled, FEAR & UNbalanced: Confessions of a 14-Year Fox News Hitman, Smith wrote that Fox News founder and former CEO said that he started the network for white males, ages “55 to dead.” According to Smith, Ailes knew just what his target demographic wanted to see:

‘They want to see YOU tear those smug condescending know-it-all East Coast liberals to pieces, limb by limb, until they jump up out of their La-Z-boy and scream “Way to go Toby…you KILLED that libtard!”’

With that premise in mind, Smith says Ailes:

‘. . .perpetrated the biggest TV scam ever, against the most vulnerable and gullible senior Americans, one that makes the game show fixing scandal of the late 50’s look like a tea party.’

About the debates and commentary show hosts give, Smith asserted:

‘MORE simply: The staged gladiatorial-like rhetorical fight to the death the Fox viewers loves to watch are ALWAYS fixed by the show producers for the conservative actor to win. Always. Just like pro-wrestling, the panel opinion programs are carefully staged and choreographed by Fox producers so the viewers home team (in WWE language the “Baby Face”) always wins over the “Heel” aka the poor pathetic “libtard.”‘

With regard to the Fox News tagline of “Fair and Unbalanced,” Smith had strong words. He argues Ailes knew that because his target demographic was raised on CBS, NBC, ABC and PBS, they had a strong desire to see/hear their ultra conservative viewpoints, confirmed and validated in ways the aforementioned networks weren’t doing.

Ailes decided that he would have a protagonist or “hit man.” This person’s (most often a white male) sole job was to “kill ’em,” ergo say whatever needed to crush the person offering any opposing view. However, the catch was that it was all scripted. Per Smith, he was always given a script 24 hours before the show.

Smith adds:

I knew 24–48 hours in ADVANCE how the designated liberal was going to argue his/her point, and more important how I was going to win.’

The timing of Tobin Smith’s decision to write about his experiences with Fox may be suspicious, but his claims of the network playing groups, especially white nationalists, against the grim realities of the complexities of matters of skin color in America, are real. Smith’s full blog may be read here.

Examples of Fox News’ race baiting and clever, but disgusting way of playing on the ignorance of many Americans, may be viewed below:

Featured Image via Getty/Andy Kropa/Contributor.