Eric Trump Goes On Fox News To Defend ‘Hoaxes’ & Ends Up Being Humiliated In Seconds


For the Trump administration, the month of May has not been kind. One revelation after another has cemented the suspicions of many, including some GOP representatives, that some sort of corruption exists within the Trump White House. If President Donald Trump is innocent, it is becoming more apparent that at least his cohorts and colleagues have some sort of ties to the Russians, and he is guilty by association.

Unless you’re one of Fox’s sorriest excuses for an on-air personality and the son of Donald Trump, of course.

In an interview with Fox’s Jesse Watters, Trump’s son Eric spoke out against the claims of Russian collusion and corruption within the Trump campaign and the new Trump administration.

In the interview, Watters asked Eric what his father would do to neutralize the media’s focus on the Russian collusion. Eric answered:

‘It’s all nonsense. It’s really a witch hunt. It’s really insane. I think, Syria quite frankly demonstrated there wasn’t exactly anything with Russia.’

He then went on to spin it and make his father look like the underdog that the Democrats hate for being the underdog who won.

‘There was a political party. They got beaten very badly by a person who came out of nowhere who everybody wrote off, who everybody gave no chance to. They outspent us seven to one. He won. There are some pretty disappointed people out there. So, they want to further a narrative for their own political agenda.’

When Watters asked Trump if the Russia thing was just a hoax, Trump agreed.

‘It’s a total hoax. It’s a total hoax.’

Now, here’s where Watters could have stood up and made his career. This opportunity was perfect to ask some hard-hitting questions.

The interview, which happened on Wednesday (May 24), came after it was revealed the day before that Former CIA director John Brennan had revealed that he had seen intelligence information that indicated there were indeed some Trump campaign officials who had  correspondence with Russian officials.

On May 8, former acting attorney general Sally Yates testified that she had told the White House of her concerns regarding conversations around sanctions between former national security advisor Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Specifically, she had warned Trump and his administration that Flynn was a liability and Russia had leverage against Flynn.

Another issue Watters could have brought up with Eric Trump was the meeting his father had with Russian officials at the White House where he called former FBI Director James Comey a “nut job” and said by firing him it lifted the pressure off of the Russian investigation. That happened the day after Trump fired Comey. During the meeting, American reporters were not allowed in; however, Russian reporters were.

Furthermore, during that same meeting, Trump disclosed extremely sensitive classified information with the Russian officials regarding an ISIS plot. Though the move by Trump was not illegal per say, it puts a major strain on intelligence relations between the US and allied countries. If Trump plans to just reveal highly classified information, why let him in on it if it will possibly put the lives of informants and investigators at risk?

With all of that and much more, Watters could have asked Eric Trump anything and forced his back against the wall. What did he do? He let him go. He didn’t ask anything about it. He went on to ask about Daddy Trump’s trip overseas, which Eric bragged was great and that Trump received a great amount of respect from Saudi Arabia. Of course, it’s easy to show someone a ton of respect when you sign a $110 billion weapons deal with them.

Good job Jesse on that riveting and informative reporting. Papa O’Reilly would be so proud if he hadn’t of had his tail kicked to the curb after all those sexual harassment revelations coming out and all. What can we really expect though considering the type of comments Watters makes towards women on live TV? After making such a lewd remark about Ivanka Trump and a microphone, it only makes sense he’d have to go easy on Eric. That’s his sister after all.

Featured image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images.