GOP Hero & Former House Speaker Leveled By Disgusting Sexual Assault Allegations


The party of family values has struck again. A new accuser has come forward against former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, alleging him of sexual assault.

The accuser alleges that Hastert assaulted him when he was just 9 or 10 years old, while using a public bathroom. Hastert, at the time, worked as a high school wrestling coach, and the lawsuit alleges that Hastert sought out the person who has just filed a lawsuit against him some weeks after the initial assault took place, back in the 1970s.

At the time, Hastert pressured the boy into not revealing the assault, which the boy — as someone who could hardly be presumed to have been able to see through the man’s manipulations — complied with, not revealing the assault until some years later.

About ten years after the initial assault, the just filed lawsuit says that the victim, identified only as “Richard Doe,” went to the Kendall County State’s Attorney’s office to report the assault. At the State Attorney’s office, however, the victim was apparently again pressured into keeping quiet, with an individual at the office threatening to charge the victim with a crime for seeking to “slander” Hastert’s name.

Hastert’s political career was “just taking off” at the time, in the description of the Chicago Tribune, and he would eventually go on to sit in the position of Speaker of the House and second in line to the presidency for eight years.

All the while, however, he was paying hush money payments to one of his already known sexual assault victims. Hastert is presently in jail on charges of having committed financial crimes in withdrawing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the bank in such a way so as to evade detection.

Hastert is approaching the end of his jail term, and it’s not immediately clear how forceful of a case against the former House speaker has been brought by “Richard Doe.” Hastert can’t be tried on sexual assault charges because the statute of limitations has long expired.

The new lawsuit against Hastert alleges “severe mental and emotional distress” and is seeking “$50,000 in damages from Hastert and Yorkville Community Unit School District 115 for charges including battery, negligent infliction of emotional distress and intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

As mentioned above, it’s definitely ironic for Hastert, who was a leading face of the Republican Party for years and years, to face these charges. Republicans claim, on the one hand, to be a party dedicated to promoting the causes of family values, but their leaders commit such atrocities as Hastert has committed.

Concurrently, Republicans across the country claim that there is a danger poised by letting transgender persons use the bathroom corresponding with their gender instead of the one corresponding with their birth sex.

However, as many have referenced, Republican Speakers of the House have been documented to have assaulted more people than transgender people have.

Will Republican leadership speak out against Hastert on the occasion of these new charges? Probably not. They normally stick to speaking out about atrocities only when they fit in with their agenda.

Featured Image via Joshua Lott/Getty Images.