JUST IN: Jared Kushner Abrupt Exit In July Announcement Made By ‘NY Times’


Trump can’t take the easy way out of the mess Jared Kushner created for his administration. Trump can insist that he fired Roger Stone early on in the campaign, although Stone says he quit. The new president can insist that he didn’t know Paul Manafort or Steve Bannon all that well, even though both were heads of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump can’t pretend he doesn’t know Jared Kushner. He’s the father of some of Trump’s grandchildren and the husband of Trump’s oldest daughter, Ivanka. Trump also can’t say he fired him or never really trusted him. He appointed him to a position in the White House for which he was highly unqualified and Trump defended that decision. There is no quick fix or way to spin a lie from this one.

What is an administration deeply embroiled in scandal to do? They can have Kushner say he’s considering resigning his post. Kushner now says he’s always been considering leaving in July.

According to The New York Times, sources close to Kushner say the White House adviser without any experience or qualifications is saying that he is considering leaving in just over a month as the Russian collusion story heats up around him, and that he had always considered exactly that. Multiple damning stories have come to light in recent days about Kushner and his Russian contacts both during Trump’s campaign and since his inauguration.

After it was reported by Reuters on Saturday that Trump’s son-in-law had undisclosed contacts with Russian officials that he conveniently failed to mention when applying for security clearance as a White House official, Kushner seemed on a mission to convince folks that he wasn’t going anywhere and that the stories would pan out to be more “fake news.”

Then it was revealed by The Washington Post that Kushner also had meetings with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the campaign and that he attempted to set up a backchannel with the Russian government in order to do White House business with Russia in secret. Suddenly, Kushner’s reported plans have done a rapid 180 upon the Trump family’s return from their first overseas trip as White House officials. Now, Kushner says he had always considered leaving the White House in July.

Is Kushner planning to cut and run before he does more damage to his father-in-law’s presidency, or is he convinced that Trump’s presidency is taking a nosedive and he should get out before it all comes crashing down?

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