JUST IN: Multiple Trump Staffers To Quit And Write Shocking Tell-All Books: report


The Chairman of the Democratic Coalition has an interesting message. Writing on Twitter this past Saturday, Jon Cooper says that an anonymous individual has revealed to him that “multiple” White House staffers are planning to quit their jobs and write tell-all books.

If such is true, there are certainly lots of people who are going to want to read these books.

Cooper says, “A usually reliable source told me that 2-3 White House staffers are planning to quit and write tell-all books. Expect more bombshells.”

He didn’t specify who these staffers are, and he didn’t even mention whether or not his source had mentioned names. In addition, with the source remaining anonymous there’s obviously basically no way to gauge its credibility.

Nonetheless, Cooper’s tweet isn’t even that far-fetched. There is a seemingly never ending stream of leaks from inside the White House and from elsewhere in the federal government, and whoever it is that’s leaking this information would likely be among those with plans to quit and write a book.

Many analysts have spoken out in bewilderment as to the pace and intensity of leaks from within the Trump administration, noting that the detail of some of them suggests that it’s someone in Trump’s inner circle who is speaking anonymously to various journalists. The journalists with the various scoops are, obviously, not going to tell.

The more senior of a staffer to write a tell-all book, the more in demand it’s going to be.

There are, of course, lots of questions, many surrounding what role Donald Trump himself has had in the various goings-on that have culminated in the Russia investigation.

In short, will someone from the president’s inner circle finally reveal if Trump is a useful idiot or a conniving madman?

Only time will tell.

Cooper’s organization, whose full name is the “Democratic Coalition Against Trump,” bills itself as the “nation’s largest grassroots organization¬†dedicated to holding the Trump administration accountable for regressive policies, hateful rhetoric and outright lies.”

The Democratic Coalition manages the “#Trumpleaks” project, which the Coalition bills as the alternative to Wikileaks, saying, among other things, that it relies only on legally obtainable information.

Featured Image via Sean Gallup/ Getty Images.